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3 Tips to Improve the Safety & Security of Your School District

School districts across the country are taking serious steps to prepare for the unthinkable, especially in light of recent events in Florida. Coordinated with both local law enforcement and first responders, schools need to take many actions these days to increase school safety & security. 

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Enter a new approach to crime prevention in schools called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Of course this is probably the most time consuming and costly of efforts to improve the safety and security of your school, but remodeling your existing building could be the most important prevention to delay and/or hopefully prevent attackers from entering the school.

CPTEP considerations include:

  • Man-Traps Security Vestibules
  • Access Control Systems
  • Security Cameras
Emergency Response Plans
What used to be fire drills in schools, now need to be full-scale drills with first responders. Not only do you need to create a Response Plan with local first responders, you need to train staff and regularly perform drills for many types of scenarios - fire, active shooter, etc.

Other Emergency Response considerations include:
  • Phone & Public Address Systems
  • Implementation of Mass Notifications Systems
  • Anonymous Tip Lines
Visitor Management Systems
Know who's entering your school and be prepared in case of an emergency. Visitor Management systems can deter unwanted visitors and are the first line of defense in school security. These systems help schools identify sexual predators, non-custodial parents, and other people you may want to keep from entering your school. Many systems also include evacuation reports so you can account for & protect your school visitors during an emergency.

You may also consider:
  • New System for Student ID cards
  • Addition of Security Guards or SROs

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