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Will the STOP School Violence Act of 2018 Improve Your School Safety?

On  March 15, 2018 while students walked out of school, Congress passed the STOP School Violence Act of 2018.

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The STOP School Violence Act is the first federal school safety law since the Parkland shooting. The act provides $75 million in 2018 and $100 million from 2019-2028 for schools to add security systems, improve coordination with local law enforcement agencies and train students, teachers and police on identifying and preventing violence.

The STOP School Violence Act is a bill to help schools and communities stop violence before it happens by providing resources focused on early intervention and school safety infrastructure.

The STOP School Violence Act will fund the following four initiatives: 

  1. It will provide grant funding for evidence-based training to prevent student violence against others and self, including training for local law enforcement officers, school personnel, and students. This is not just active shooter training but training designed to give students and teachers the ability to recognize and respond quickly to warning signs of school violence.
  2. It will fund evidence-based technology and equipment to improve school security and prevent violent attacks. This includes the development and operation of anonymous reporting systems, as well as improvements to school security infrastructure to deter and respond to threats of violence.
  3. It will provide funding for the development and operation of evidence-based school threat assessment and crisis intervention teams, which may include evidence-based training for school officials in responding to mental health crises.
  4. It will provide funding for continued coordination with local law enforcement.



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