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Visitor Management - The Biggest Security Challenge in Schools

If you are a school or hospital security professional you may read Campus Safety Magazine. Recently they published the results of an Exclusive Research Study: Do Security Cameras Really Make Campuses Safer?

Although the survey was about security cameras and video surveillance, there were some interesting takeaways regarding Visitor Management worth sharing. 

When polled about the biggest security challenges on and around campus or district, Schools ranked Visitor Management as their #1 challenge.

As we have learned through the myriad of school shootings plaguing our nation, physical access is the first line of defense. If not already implemented, school districts are creating policies that restrict access to school buildings to a single point of entrance and have policies that require visitors to log in at the office. Enhanced visitor management technology can also check to see if visitors have been on any state’s sex offender registry to further school safety.

And of course, Schools have to balance security needs while continuing to provide a welcoming space for students and families.

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